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Hello! I'm April Showers! I bring the May flowers of spring. I've been a bit lonely for the past 500 years, so feel free to ask questions, roleplay, or just talk!

(This is a secondary blog for my ROTG fan character. My primary blog is EnigmaticLemon- don't hesitate to visit me as well!)

Tracked Tag: april showers (with a space between)

April hummed as she wove between the trees. As she ran her hand along their trunks, above, their bare branches began to be peppered with tiny green buds that held waxy, new leaves. At her feet, clover plants sent up their sweet-smelling white flowers. Spring was going swimmingly, so far. April smiled to herself.

And then all of the birds stopped singing all at once. The girl stood still, tilting her head. She heard a scuff of a foot, a twig splintering, the slight schff of pant legs sliding against each other at the knees. Someone was in the forest, and a rather dense part of it as well.

April crept towards the sound. What could it be? A deer? A bear? Pitch? The bottom of her stomach fell a little. But her fears dissolved as she peaked around a tree and saw… a boy. 

Softly, she cooed, “Yoohoo…. hello?”

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